Money laundering

Money laundering


 Wash Alomwalgsal or money laundering, economic crime aims to legitimize illegal to taboo funds, for the purpose of acquisition, disposition or management or saved, replace, or deposit, investment, transfer, transfer or manipulation in value if obtained from a crime, such as the cultivation and manufacture of narcotic plants or gems and substance abuse, retrieve, export and trafficking, and the abduction and transportation, and the detention of persons and the crimes of terrorism and its financing, and fraud and breach of trust, fraud, fraud, and immorality, prostitution, trafficking and smuggling of antiquities, and felonies and misdemeanors harmful to state security on the one hand the outside and inside, bribery, misappropriation of public money and aggression, and treachery, crimes Zaov coins

Is the stage of the recruitment or substitution, so get rid of the large amount of cash is legitimate (dirty money) in different ways, either deposited in a bank or financial institution, or by converting the money into foreign currencies, or by buying luxury cars and yachts and high real estate price easy to sell and dispose of them after that.

The deposit stage this most difficult stage for the existing process of money laundering; where they are still susceptible to discover them, especially as they include the usually very large amounts of cash, as the identification of the process of deposit of these funds is not Plummer difficult and then his relationship with the source of these funds . [2]
Camouflage stage

Is the stage of assembly or blackout where you start after the entry of money into the legitimate banking system channels, the launderer to take the next step, which is in Chapter or to differentiate between the money to be laundered source illegal by a complex set of banking operations which take pattern legitimate banking operations, The aim of these stages to make tracing the source of these illicit funds difficult. And summarized the most important means to repeat the transfer of those funds from one bank to another, and electronic funds transfer process, and increase the status of the complexity of the trace those funds transferred to the banks to adopt strict rules of confidentiality of deposits in other countries, a so-called safe banking havens, and characterized this havens loosely laws, and the quality of transport aircraft and ships and ease of start-up companies.
Integration phase

This phase is the final money laundering is and the consequent legitimization of the funds in nature, so-called “drying stage,” It is during this phase is the integration of laundered money in the economic cycle and the banking system, in order to look like returns or natural gains to trade deals, such as front companies artificial and loans, and the complicity of foreign banks, as well as fictitious invoices in the field of import and export. Upon arrival to this stage it is very difficult to distinguish between those illicit funds and money lawful only through the work of the secret research laboratory technicians and the laying of money laundering gangs.
Methods of money laundering