What is shale oil?

shale oil

Oil shale, this name has been circulated widely in the recent period with the media, and the latest uproar among exporting and oil-importing countries, so let us know what is shale oil? Is a type of oil types, is considered mild, and results from the deposition material kerogen in the rock that transformed by heat into a liquid hydrocarbon, while crude oil is originally hydrocarbons liquid present in the ground, and is a rock oil substitute for crude oil, which is also different from oil sandstone and shale gas, but the extraction process will be high relative to the cost of crude oil.

Configured through history:

Shale oil formation back to one hundred million years and divided the North American continent into two parts because of the large area of ​​the sea led to the split into the eastern part and western, and at the low sea level began to decline this area of ​​space, leaving pastures fertile interior sailor led to the death of living organisms that live on them, turning these objects fossilized stone and after the passage of time exposed fossils to high temperature and pressure of gravity resulting in a converted oil, and because these areas do not Taattoffer the factors that make the oil liquid, it led to the formation of shale oil.

His presence:

The USA is one of the more countries that contain shale oil reserves in the world, where it owns about 75% of the total stocks in the world. Shale oil was discovered in other countries has increased in some Qalrh North America regions such as Canada, too.

How shale oil is extracted?

The extraction of shale oil pressure gases and thus extracted to the ground, and after that is diluted gas pressure is drilling for oil can be used Shake the water to relieve the oil pressure, too, and sometimes it is possible to enter the gas to re-pressure oil chamber, usually are left remaining oil even extracted in the future Shahu Ttov advanced equipment in Astjarakhh. The extraction of crude oil from the rock, a process very difficult process, because it should Altnqiq for oily rocks by drilling under the ground or through the mining location, Baadalhfr shale oil is subject to the so-called process of surface distillation, where they are subjected to pyrolysis by applying high heat on rock without oxygen leading to chemical changes of the rocks and thus kerogen gonorrhea begins Vinfsal for the rock will then be up to the oil refining crude is produced Knaft Asitnaaa.

The difficulty of extraction:

There are a lot of difficulties facing shale oil extraction perhaps the most prominent high production cost since the cost of a barrel of shale oil cost around US $ 65-80 in the United States, and that cost more than in other countries because this depends on the cost of heavy equipment and devices fossil hands labor, which is the United States, at least in its cost relative to other countries.

There are also other difficulties in shale oil extraction which is the environmental pollution caused during the extraction process, and in the United States specifically many extracted by many environmental organizations rejected what caused the pollution in the air because the exploration and drilling that emit harmful gases devices and for this reason is used staggering amounts of river water during the drilling process and this leads to reduction of river levels and thus affect the Amlaha vital to the diversity of causing the death of some organisms and Batali extinction.

The solution :

There are some oil companies have provided solutions to resolve the difficulties facing the oil refining rock, including Royal Dasht Shell, the company has called for a process of analysis on-site ICP which is that the rock stays in place instead of the extraction and processing, where the holes are drilled in the rock that contains the oil is then heat Ckanat put in the ground and after a few years will rise slowly heat the rock and thus kerogen infusion abroad will start then the output of this process the oil is collected and pumped to the surface. This process will reduce the high cost of extracting shale oil.

Shale oil production on crude oil Effect:

If you got some states in the self-sufficiency to produce and export oil abroad will increase exhibits crude oil and shale oil is also known that as the supply increased lack of demand and therefore Prices will drop, especially crude oil because the cost is less than the shale oil cost and if it arrives Saraf barrel of crude oil 60-80 dollars per barrel of shale oil will lose contrast will not become feasible from the Alaguetsadh producing countries have for boosting its cost, and thus stabilize crude oil prices and increased demand for it and this increase will affect the price of crude oil standing, he is possible that shale oil production stops.