How to protect your job of “artificial intelligence” next?

How to protect your job of “artificial intelligence” next?

With the introduction of artificial intelligence to the job market, many people worried about this threat to their jobs and looting solutions to their place.
Attached video issued by the “World Summit for governments” in Dubai, explains functions and sectors affected and recipient of artificial intelligence, and also new opportunities that Sakhalgaha, and the role of governments in providing jobs for its citizens.

Automation and replace functions

Is now being strongly absorb artificial intelligence in the work environment or what is known as the “automation”, it will reflect a significant decline in employment rates in the world, in some professions and tasks. As some estimates suggest that the labor market will witness a loss of 5.1 million jobs in the period from 2015 to 2020, because of increased reliance on artificial intelligence techniques.
In effect, the impact of artificial intelligence will affects 7.1 million jobs, 70% of them routine office, as some of the functions of secretarial and office management.
However, there is a positive aspect in all this, it is expected to create a reliance on artificial intelligence technology two million jobs, in areas related to computing, mathematics, architecture and engineering.

Development of human activity

It is also expected to be for those working in the fields of manufacturing and production is relatively good opportunities to acquire new skills, and work in other roles, and enhance production capacity, through reliance on technology without getting rid of human labor necessarily.
In fact, the dependence on artificial intelligence is linked to this aspect, the goal of this technology is the development of human activity, not replace it completely. In the field of medicine, for example, artificial intelligence may be able to identify and classify 400 type of cancer, as well as 75 species of different drugs that help, for example in the treatment of breast cancer, quickly and efficiently. But the doctor, including attributes of the long years of training and experience, is responsible for the development of a treatment plan.

Promote jobs do not replace it!

In the financial areas there is a popular software such as TurboTax, which uses algorithms to assist the user in the calculation of tax revenue. But this program depends on the input of human and provisions to complete the task successfully.
What is the best way to ensure the work if the job contributes to the promotion of artificial intelligence, nor cause the replaced?
Researchers have come to many of the proposals, the first of those known career development strategy, namely, to increase educational attainment. When increasing cognitive abilities so that they are higher than the computer that processes the data, will ensure that the loss of your desk at work.

An example is what you are doing drugs emerging company, “Burke”, which uses checksum scanning techniques high pace to identify possible medication, Vbusa artificial intelligence to monitor patterns among trillions of available data points, and then offers suggestions Paljziaat that can be used as a medicine, but can not however dispense with a specialist in biochemistry to test the feasibility of these molecules in the treatment.

The development of purely human skills

Another strategy related to the development skills are not within the reach of artificial intelligence; there jobs linked to the ability to empathize and read social indicators or to reach a deal to sell, and these skills can not artificial intelligence accessible, because it requires the ability to adapt and possession of prudence and common sense and creativity. These are all things that are not within the scope of what can be modern programmable done.

The discovery of computer errors

Other possible opportunity for career growth, linked by seeking to discover the potential of computer errors and correct them if obtained, it is known that artificial intelligence techniques require many years to provide the ability to understand some of the nuances and complexities of adult Vamahasp, for example, may be forced to intervene when the task’s code ends prepare tax expense, and corrects errors that occurred by the system, or caused by the customer inadvertently.

Depth specialization and knowledge

The depth specialization and knowledge in some specialized services, may increase in the protection of business opportunities for people, and the examples referred to by the researchers, for example, the function of a woman possessed an encyclopedic world of securities knowledge, and have the ability to select the paper age and origin and type of the touch, Her work is very important to art historians and specialists in heritage conservation.

Man is the basis

You must remember that ultimately artificial intelligence techniques do not create itself, it must be that the programmer who finds a service or solution, can be provided through automation, and then develops software based on artificial intelligence to do that service or provide that solution.
The data analysts help companies understand the huge amounts of data generated by artificial intelligence, in order to take advantage of them.

The role of governments in the era of automation

While people are doing their best to prove their importance in an era of artificial intelligence, the Governments must also play a role to secure jobs for the citizens, the governments of their citizens help to implement the strategies referred to, and by promoting educational programs and providing a competency-based education and individual skills that can be acquired education at any stage of the job, and they can put these programs quickly and presented to employees in order to be able to cope with the constant changes in their jobs.
Governments can also emphasize the positive aspects of automation, by creating an environment where entrepreneurship thrives, where citizens will be able to create new jobs and positions have not heard before.
The automation process will pass the road is full of consequences and problems, but to deal with the coming destabilization not have to stand in the face of progress, but it is with the help of institutions and companies to move forward, in order to enable entrepreneurs and managers and staff to achieve the success that is desired by everyone.