White Gold, the definition and use of species and the method of discrimination

Metal definition White Gold

Platinum is a well-known name white gold, and platinum is a chemical element in the periodic table symbol pt, platinum and is classified among the elements that transition metal of the physical properties of magnetic appeasement and rigidity. Tensile strength of the platinum component is 125-245 Jijaascal, bulk modulus him 230 Jijaascal, boiling point 3825c while the melting temperature 17680c.

The word platinum-known name white gold origin of the Spanish word “Plata” means small silver a precious metal is characterized by painted white gray, characterized by the metal against rust and keep Beraiqa when exposed to air for the fact that platinum does not react with oxygen is not affected by heartburn which dissolves other metals, while platinum metal melted by using a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, and combine with silicon and arsenic.

Date of discovery and the value of the temporary and the situation:

Although the white gold featuring the largest iron metal strongly but its flexibility, such as gold. And its price is high compared with yellow gold prices, which could be worth up to twice the value of yellow gold. This even though it was cheap too compared to gold prices when it was discovered by the Italian world “Julius Skelijr” 1557 AD, and sought a lot of countries the time to discover and extract large quantities of the metal as attempts Spaniards in 1750 after the price began to rise, although a small increase. But when specialists and the world realize the benefits of this metal and its many uses in the areas of life it is spreading dramatically and wide and therefore increased demand dramatically and then taking the price to rise dramatically to become twice the price of yellow gold price.

Areas of use:

As noted, the areas of the use of white gold or different, diverse and multi-platinum is very important, and that is the main reason for the high price for this reduction compared with yellow gold price. Among the most important current uses of gold:

Used by chemists in laboratories to conduct scientific experiments, such as dissolving the various acids samples.
It is used in the work of the panels and thin wire.
It enters the catalytic converter which is found in car exhaust industry.
Used extensively in jewelery manufacture thanks to its strength and hardness.
Enters the dental and surgical instruments industry.
Types of White Gold:

There are two white gold:

The first type is the mixing plain yellow gold with varying and different proportion of other metals such as copper, palladium, silver, and this is called white gold for specialists and workers in the field of gold, goldsmiths and have this kind cheaper than platinum.

Type II: platinum net (pure), that is jewelery made from platinum only, without mixed with any other elements, not even any yellow gold ratio and have this kind twice the price of the former kind in spite of the fact that many people can not distinguish between them.

How can distinguish between platinum and white gold?

As it noted those who did not read the above, the platinum price weakness white gold price in spite of the launch of everyone’s name on the white gold producers, so the question arises: How do you distinguish between the two types?

Can distinguish between white gold and platinum pure through the scratch test, and this is to bring a piece of white gold and try to strep, and if were easily scratched it white gold, not platinum, or by metal heat until it turns into a flame and leave it cools, if turned into a darker color he went white, and if the color has not changed is platinum.

Which is better, white gold or platinum?

For women: some women reluctance to buy yellow gold began and their tendency to buy white gold to keep up with current fashion and enjoy the beauty of its color and its attractiveness compared with yellow gold, and many of the girls Akhaltun between jewelery white gold jewelery yellow gold highlights a form aesthetically pleasing, but about the fact that platinum twice the price of gold White is often the girl decides the acquisition of white gold instead of platinum to acquire double quantity of jewelery.

For men: Because of the prohibition to wear gold for Muslims and rejected by men in some cultures the Iqbal men have more on silver and then platinum, especially since men do not wear a lot of decorations, only Dblh or wedding ring and thus will not be a difference doubling great price compared with Dblh wear yellow gold, while permissible for the Muslims to wear platinum, for those who can stop him from his community to wear yellow gold that this will be a good alternative.

Note: yellow gold, white gold Zakat should be in it must also be in silver, while not obligatory zakat on platinum.