Wood And Trade

Wood organic porous material Mstrdobh (which absorbs moisture and keeps out) and is subject to the material poses no take different situations in the growth response to external stimuli, and would come from woody plants, particularly trees and shrubs, timber.

Growth rings in trees than the tree in the country shows that the episodes that appear in the external circuit inside the trunk when cut and those episodes increase depending on the annual growth of the tree by one episode per year in temperate regions and observing the rings around the trunk can indicate weather conditions that have grown out of the tree Vahalqh petition suggests to significant growth and the abundance of the season in the moisture (water) and narrow rings indicate drought, for example. In the past, it is calculate the age of the tree by visual inspection, and is currently whereupon computers scans the rings and calculating the age of the tree precisely ·

The organic composition of trees:

If a tree were cut perpendicular to the level of her leg Vnchahd sector and note it

1 – pulp: – is the first component parts in the trunk of the tree and consists of a cellular Branchimi fabric and when the tree be small pulp be containing a large proportion of food means and absent from reaching tree old age, and move food cycle to rings around the core in and when there is a fork of the tree we see that this is the core of the branches out of the original pulp

2 – the annual rings: – a wooden cell and scattered fabric loops around the pulp and are parallel and do not take quite circular form, in some cases, and called it the label due to be ring every year in temperate regions where the regularity of the seasons, so it can rule on the age of the tree from a number As these episodes in the tropics and subtropical situation is different because of the possibility to be more of a loop in one year. And be the initial configuration of annual rings full of food article carried by the wood-rays and harden consists including wood used in the business strong and have wood less solid the closer loops around the crust becomes color relatively conqueror

3 – wood rays: – a Branchimi fabric body horizontal lines and vertical parts the tree stretches from the heart about the crust

4 – bark: – is the outer protective covering of the tree that transports Algmaoualmsna of papers to different parts of the plant consists of fibrous cells and Braanchimih and increase in fish years after the age of accession layers of them from inside and cracked when it reaches the tree old age

There are a lot of contractors and construction companies that need wood because wood is the primary factor in building and finishing trims workers, all with respect to construction in general, and Shi is important and this project does not cost profit, a profitable project for young people who are doing a project without money but needs effort will explain to you the details of the project and how to get the wood, customers and the number of workers on the project how to profit from the project.

Project timber trade

Necessary for the implementation of the project requirements

The person must have an active project work and be the owner of a distinctive ideas and patience and strength and withstand and be convincing and to be a person of good appearance and reputation and be disciplined in his appointments and the idea of ​​the project is simple Find all construction and finishing companies and talk to them and convince them the product

How to profit and the evolution of the project

The project needs access to the supply of timber companies suitable and be qualified in to talk to them and convince the supply of wood companies that are marketing them in exchange for a commission, and there are many companies that will accept you if you qualified all the advantages and to search for companies in you should be looking Ali the company through the internet and then you said you search for customers and convince them to hold transactions with them and also search for clients is easy, because you are looking from the google to customers in the specialty construction and finishing and you have to do the work with them Bslob sophisticated and have all the tactics of the profit and the idea of ​​the project will reap a lot of money within a year or more and second, because you need to work alongside this action because the profit will increase and can make simple profit company based in the company made special special deals and prices and you also have a good commission