Method of smelting gold

Method of smelting gold

Gold is a gold and precious metals sought after in the jewelry industry, passing the gold several steps to his brother in law and outfitted to begin the process of drafting and formation of ornaments, and before you start drafting Gold chooses as standard and pure gold is gold the caliber of twenty-four, but Lane does not fit in the industry ornaments,

gold and one carat twenty more hardness and strength because it is mixed with other metals such as copper and silver. Gold smelting process after standard processing required jeweler begins the process of gold smelting and requires the following equipment: melting furnace: It is built of stone fiery furnace and start a fire inside it through a tube connected to the gas bottle, and can be used in electric oven with the same specifications. Melting pot:

a pot and a stone-like shape and has a different cone sizes have a flat base in terms of quantity to be melted down. Casting molds: the multiple sizes and shapes templates to fit the mold mismatch broad and narrow ones. Catcher handle: a tool to catch the Crucible after that melts the gold, and pour it into casting molds. Material help in melting gold process: They are mostly material Albrookseid. Carbon rod for Thariak Alboudtqh content to the homogeneity of the solution. The process of rolling mill: is poured molten gold in casting molds and cooled and then come rolling process, which is of important operations performed on the ingot; because the formation of a goldsmith pieces and measurements taking into account the thickness and diameter using machines rolling. Machines rolling:

divided machines rolling into two types, and can be integrated into the machine one, a wire and billet and operate this machine to simplify and reduce the thickness depending on the length and width, and there are machines working to reduce the wire diameter to small sizes up to poetry called machinery drives, heating between the period and should and the other for the flexibility required. Drafting drafting process vary depending on the product to be manufactured, every product has a private in his work like your scissors Balsagh which has different sizes and shapes

because the jeweler who does not use his hand at work because of the use of fire, and a autogenous welding, which has different capital method can be altered to increase the flame strength, it is drafting tools also hammer, saw the poetic, and the ruler, moldings and hand several smoothing such as rasps, and desk work and is lined due to the high price of gold, and the Ensemble, who performed the installation and welding process, welding and pots in which welding is placed and cut into small pieces, and used acid to return the gold to its natural color after the manufacturing process; because the gold turns its color to black and the most important Alohmad is used Alhipklorad acid.