Known since antiquity as one of the diamonds of commercial value stones. The increased popularity of diamonds in the nineteenth century, with the increase in global production and improvement of trade routes around the world and enter the scientific methods in cutting, polishing and global monopoly of the commodity by some companies. Diamond and many physical qualities, but the most famous hardness and He alone among all the material on the degree of hardness 10 \ 10 in the hierarchy of degrees (MOS) of the World stones (Osalbha 10 – and most vulnerable 1). And a private system crystalline scattering of light, but in the diamond is considered high for the light. For this reason, the diamond stone is an important value in the jewelry industry as well as other industrial uses, such as the use of diamonds on top of deep wells such as water, oil and natural gas pipelines in addition to its uses in electronic devices, medical devices, industrial equipment, cut glass and others.

diamond has a legendary fairy

It was believed since ancient times that the diamond has a legendary fairy and fantasy and therapeutic magical properties, because the phenomenon of phosphorescence phosphorescence in some types of diamonds give him the ability to glow at night, which was the last evidence of the extraordinary stone force, so the ancients believed that the diamond calms mental illnesses and protects from heart diabolical and even lives phantoms and nightmares nightly nightmares, and gives unlimited support and courage of a warrior on the battlefield in addition to virtue and generosity, during the judiciary in the courts, things are going next to the wearing and wearing a diamond wearer’s favor, either houses, gardens and farms that touch the four corners diamonds they are protected lightning storms and devastating pests and blight. Spread in India ancient religions and beliefs fairy says that the human spirit going through the stages of the embodiment such as avatar on the forms of animals or humans, Christian Valdaanh with it’s incarnation of Christ in the Federation of divinity and Nasotih various incarnations, but the Christian method differs from the ancient Indian religions with the idea of ​​the General Union It is the same. The ancient Indians claimed the life blowing in the gems in the sense that they embodied and unite in the trees, animals and humans, diamonds and anything can be to the gods of the Incarnation which was attended by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato Plato (he lived between 427 BC – 347 BC) with a distinctive philosophy of virginity and idealistic dogma itself from the gems believing they live and kicking or she living beings living organism, as a result the reaction of chemical Yahya spirits and imaginary vivifying astral spirits, then the Department of Filsov gems into two models for male and female specimens claiming that they get married and no evidence anywhere mining first diamond Is India was the mother in China? There was more than one source determines its place, but it dried up all exhausted these days, and that history is not preserved none of them, either Buddhism has reported diamond in the texts of ancient Buddhist Vedic texts was called Mani, but researchers in linguistics Sinologist / linguist from the likes of linguistic Researcher in Buddhism (Berthold Laufer researcher Jew born in Cologne in 1874 and is a US Olmana- emigrated to the United States after being educated in Germany and died there) has denied that the diamond has been mentioned in Sanskrit or in Buddhism, because Mani The holes and Mkhrza such as the rosary (contract) or pearl contract.

diamonds extracted from volcanic craters

Most of the diamonds extracted from volcanic craters where he received his lava that attended from the depths of the earth from distances of up to 150 kilometers, where intense temperature and pressure for a long period of up to millions of years Thaan favorable conditions for the formation of diamonds. Most diamond mines are located in central and southern Africa in spite of the discovery of significant amounts in all of Canada, Russia, Brazil and Australia. And extracted the equivalent of 130 million carats, or 26,000 kg of diamonds annually, which is equivalent to $ 9 billion US dollars.